From product design to the manufacturing of the finished product, Quality Mold, Inc. is Your One-Stop Shop for all of your custom plastic injection mold requirements.

Our diversity in the industrial mold making field enables us to serve customers with a number of production needs.

From low volume work to high volume runs, we have the right skills and technology to meet our customers’ manufacturing needs.


Our years of experience with injection molds and mold manufacturing gives us an excellent advantage in helping you set up and keep to a preventive maintenance plan for every injection mold to avoid the high cost of mold repairs and keep your molds in excellent working condition.

If your mold isn’t functioning properly due to excessive wear or damage, we can provide rapid and effective mold repairs or modifications to help you get back to production mode quickly.


Our experienced team and high-end equipment enable us to handle all of your engineering changes. Our projects begin with the design and are completed through tedious step by step procedures to meet specifications.

Regardless of whether it is a plastic injection mold, blow mold or any other type of mold, we have the ability to perform even the most complex engineering changes that will address or surpass our customers’ expectations.

Laser Welding
& Micro Welding

It is common that micro TIG welding is frequently more affordable. However, there are numerous occasions where laser welding brings about a better result.

Quality Mold, Inc. has put resources into creating standout laser welding services to enhance the results acheived for your mold and tooling repairs.

An extremely low amp miniaturized scale TIG welder and magnifying lens enable us to utilize welding wire as small as 0.003″.

Custom Wire

Quality Mold Inc. has practical experience in Electrical Discharge Machining work, offering Ram/Sinker/Wire EDM administrations equipped for delivering excellent detail/surface finished products and complex cavities/shapes.

Our Wire EDM machines have glass scales with the resolution of 0.1µm, guaranteeing your segments are machined to their exact specifications.

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