At Quality Mold, Inc. we offer you quality American made injection molds. We have a demonstrated reputation for quality plastic injection mold making and won’t outsource your mold abroad like a significant number of toolmakers do today. It will be made here in our Chandler, Arizona facility by our experienced staff with more than 50 years of experience or outsourced to nearby toolmakers where we can keep close controls on the procedure.

We believe our One-Stop Machine Shop is a standout among other shops which is a crucial factor that separates us from our competitors. Having everything under one roof is extremely helpful in providing quicker lead times and keeping everything under our control.

Your mold will be outlined and manufactured by skilled workers utilizing CAD/CAM programming along with CNC and EDM machinery. Our extraordinary dedication guarantees that the plastic injection molds we manufacture will meet or surpass your requirements.

Moreover, as long as your mold stays with us, we will ensure that mold lasts for its expectancy. You will never observe a maintenance charge from us for your mold, and we are always happy to make any repairs or modifications as needed, once we receive a request for quote followed by a purchase order confirming required changes.

The warranty includes

01) Cavities

02) Cores

03) Runners

04) Parting Line Surfaces

05) Ejection